Grout renewal and colouring

Without knowing how to correctly clean grout it can present a long running problem. The grout will store dirt and grime reducing the overall appearance of the floor and surrounding tiles. Persons who desire clean and great looking grout try many methods to no avail aiming to make the grout look clean. Including repeatedly scrubbing it with various methods and concoctions including:

  • baking soda
  • vinegar solutions
  • magic erasers
  • bleach pens
  • oxygenating cleaners
  • powdered cleanser and wire brush
  • steam mop

Fortunately for our customers we are here to professional tackle your grouting. Removing the dirt and grime build up restoring the grout to perfect condition. Inspecting the quality of the existing grout will enable us to formulate the most practical solution for restoration. If our customers are located in Essex we offer them our FREE inspection survey. In instances where the grout is not flaking away and retains its solid consistency a straightforward general clean up will be sufficient. When grout becomes flaky it will leave the floor and and tiles unprotected. This will need to be remedied immediately. Stopping water or liquid spills finding their way under the stone and causing erosion, rot and damp. Without a properly sealed grout these problems will become an eventuality. In instances where the grout is flaky or rotten the grout will need to be scraped out and re-grouted entirely.

Avoiding a total re-grout can be achieved with a regular clean and fill. Stone Floor Tile Restoration will effectively repair damaged areas of grout and using tried and tested cleaning tools leave the grout looking superb. Free of dirt, germs and grime restoring the vibrancy of the kitchen, hallway, wall, bathroom and living areas.

Contact us for free advice and quotation that will ensue your grout is maintained correctly.

Re-grouting and colouring

Stone Floor Tile Restoration will make your tiles and grout look new. We employ the best methods in scraping out crumbling, stained grout with professional tools and without damaging the tiles. Re-grouting can be completed efficiently and quickly restoring the barrier of protection against water and liquids. Employing our talents common mistakes can be avoided saving you time, money and frustration.

Grout will eventually break down and signs to look for are large cracks and crumbly chunks. These are alarming but smaller fractures can be troublesome too. Fractures and stains that won't wash out, may indicate spots where water is working its way behind the tiles. Sooner or later, that water will weaken the adhesive that's holding the tile or cause rot in the walls. When that happens, the only solution is to replace the tile and apply fresh grout. Grout in areas of the home that are close to water are particularly are risk. These include kitchen and bathroom areas where water is used frequently. A large spillage or multiple spillages on a floor surface that has not been mopped away effectively can also present a problem with to grout. If you notice that crumbly chunks or cracks are appearing in the grout then please contact us. It is best to remedy the grout sooner rather than later preventing damage to tiles.

We will work to reduce mould growth and seal grout lines for extra stain and water resistance. The grout will take a week or two to cure completely before sealing. Remember that all sealer's will wear off in time, so it will need to be reapplied every so often. Matching the tiles with coloured grout produces a nice clean finish. We are able to make available to you matching and complementary colours for your grout.

Contact us for free advice and quotation that will ensue your grout is maintained correctly.

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Stone care and restoration

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Victorian Tiles

Quintessentially British with geometric patterns Victorian tiles can be restored to their natural beauty with the correct care and attention. Victorian tiles are embellishing features within period homes.

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Artificial Stone

Cleaning is a necessary part of the proper maintenance of artificial manufactured stone. When it is not cleaned, the appearance of the stone can gradually decrease with in grain dirt making the surface soiled.

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Natural Stone

The hardness and lifespan of Natural Stone can be increased with a good overhaul of the material finish, treatment and further maintenance. We never use metal utensils that may scratch the surface.

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