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Stone Floor Tile Restoration

We specialise in restoring stone tiled floors back to their former glory. Deep cleaning, sealing, repairing, polishing of all natural and artificial stone floors. Whatever your stone, tile or grout problems we can restore floors to their orginal "just laid look" condition.

We are fully trained and certificated and have the knowledge to deal with all sorts of problems which stone tiles can have: stain and etch removal, deep cleaning, sealing, repair, scratch removal, chips on tiles, filling holes, deep grout cleaning plus much more.

Stone Floor Tile Restoration have the cost effective way to deep clean tiled stone floors removing ingrained dirt and stains from the stone and grout. Leaving the floors in a "newly laid" condition. This process is more cost effective that the over used method of diamond grinding floors. Diamond grinding floors just to clean them is totally unnecessary as ths removes stock from the stone by using 4 to 5 differant diamond grades and its expensive. Diamond grinding natural stone floors should only mainly be used for damaged floors, scratched, etched, lipage (uneven tiles) etc. We only use diamond pads when necessary to remove damage of tiled floors.

For just a deep clean our micronano technology gives excellent results of stone tiled floors. So whether you have marble, limeestone, travertine, slate, terracota, porcelain, ceramic, victorian tiles or any other floor type we are here to help.

Focal Point

Your stone floor is a focal point within the room. Keep the natural or artificial stone surface looking its best whilst also removing dirt and germs that build up over time. Our professional Essex stone floor cleaning service will enhance the focal point brightening the living space and area.

Stone Floor Tile Restoration work throughout Essex and London providing deep cleans, diamond polishing, restoration, re-grouts and reseals of natural and artificial stone tiles. Professional stone care and restoration welcome your enquiry call 07859 836 891 for more information. Our stone experts will restore your bathroom, kitchen and hallway to their original condition. Just the same as when they were were first fitted out.

Tile And Stone Grout Cleaning

Sealing tile stone and grout is a very important process in stone restoration and cleaning. If tile are unsealed dirt and stains will seep into the stone and grout. We use the highest quality sealers to prevent this from happening. Once we have deep cleaned the floors. Do not use cheap sealers for your floors. They will not give the protection of a quality sealer.

We can deep clean and seal floors. Returning their colour tones and original elegance

Stone Floor Tile Restoration - Clean Protect Beautify. Specialises in:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Sealing
  • Restoration
  • Maintenance
  • Countertops
  • Fireplaces
  • Floors
  • Showers
  • Walls

All stone tile and grout cleaning, sealing and repairing.

We are fully trained and experienced in cleaning, sealing and restoring all natural and artificial stone floors. We deep clean, seal, repair and fully restore all types of stone floors, work surfaces and fire surrounds. We do not clean carpets and only specialise in stone floor cleaning. As a process to cleaning and restoring stone floors, it is not always necessary to use diamond pads to grind natural stone floors, it all depends on the condition of each floor. Diamond grinding on natural stone floors should only take place when the stone has lipage or is deeply scratched or etched. Most stone floors only need deep cleaning, grout cleaning and sealing with the correct products. Diamond grinding natural stone floors can be expensive, so contact Stone Floor Tile Restoration for advice. We will fully restore your floors the correct way and will only diamond grind floors if necessary. We will also fully hone and polish your stone floors if required. We cover all types of natural and artificial stone floors including marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, terracotta, porcelain, Victorian floor tiles plus many more. We also clean and seal worktops. We clean, restore and seal natural and artificial stone floors, worktops and fire surrounds. Stone Floor Tile Restoration restoring the beauty of all stone floors.

Free Professional Maintenance Clean And Seal

Only Odourless Products Used

stone floor cleaningIf you use our services and recommend us to a friend we will give your stone surface a free maintenance clean and seal in the future.

The beauty of marble, travertine, limestone and granite can be brought back to life with professional treatment. If your stone is not maintained correctly micro hiding places for dirt, oils, and bacteria are created.

Using specialist formulas for cleaning and re-sealing will keep your tiles clean sealed and well maintained. Tile maintenance or granite maintenance is important so that germs or bacteria cannot survive in the stone.

stone restored cleaned protected

Types of Flooring Surfaces we clean and restore

Limestone, travertine, marble, slate, sandstone, granite, ceramic, porcelain, Victorian floor tiles, quarry tiles, grout lines plus more.

Some of the issues we solve:

  • stain removal
  • dull patches - loss of shine
  • floors looking worn
  • ingrained dirt, soiling
  • grout cleaning - recolouring
  • sealing - impregnation
  • grout haze removal
  • holes in tiles and stone
  • scratch removal
  • crack and chip repairs

Expert treatment resulting in an increase of the coefficient friction on tiled floors. Thereby increasing the safety of the surface when wet. Anti slip treatment on your floors will help reduce slip and fall injury when walking on the surface. Our anti slip formula has a low odour and will not noticeably alter the appearance of the floor surface.

Stone floors can be built using a variety of natural or artificial stone each material requires specific cleaning methods insuring the dirt, grime, germs and stains are removed without damaging the stone.

Travertine is a natural stone featuring natural pits and voids that pattern the surface to give each piece its own unique identity. Filled travertine has its pits and voids filled with a colour matched stone resin for a smoother finish.

Beautiful marble tiles are available in a range of colours with unique surface patterns. Marble stone has a hard wearing structure allowing marble stone to be polished to a high gloss, enhancing natural light and space in any room.

Limestone is a natural hard wearing stone and like most other sedimentary rocks limestone is composed of grains. Pitted surfaces and bevelled edges can give the appearance that limestone tiles have been around for a lifetime.

Our FREE inspection survey will give you a professional evaluation of your stone. Its condition and the restoration or cleaning processes that should be applied.

Essex, London Coverage

If you would like to know more about our stone floor cleaning service, worktop repair, granite cleaning or marble polishing service or any of the stone services that we currently offer in and around London and Essex please phone 07859 836 891. Alternatively you can email us any time using the form on our contact page.

Eco Friendly Professional Products

Only Odourless Products Used

We only use high quality Eco Friendly products for cleaning, sealing, stain removal and restoration. Learn more about our professional eco friendly restoration services via our contact page. Or alternatively call Stone Floor Tile Restoration on 07859 836 891.

Stone Materials



Natural stone



Natural stone



Natural stone



Natural stone

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Artificial stone



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Natural stone

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clean, repair and restore bathroom tiles, kitchen surfaces, stone floors, fire surrounds
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Knowledgeable And Professional Tradesmen Taking Care Of Your Stone

Stone care and restoration

victorian tile floor

Victorian Tiles

Quintessentially British with geometric patterns Victorian tiles can be restored to their natural beauty with the correct care and attention. Victorian tiles are embellishing features within period homes.

porcelain floor clean

Artificial Stone

Cleaning is a necessary part of the proper maintenance of artificial manufactured stone. When it is not cleaned, the appearance of the stone can gradually decrease with in grain dirt making the surface soiled.

natural stone

Natural Stone

The hardness and lifespan of Natural Stone can be increased with a good overhaul of the material finish, treatment and further maintenance. We never use metal utensils that may scratch the surface.

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